To bring every race, culture and creed together throughout this community and throughout the world, admonishing them and serving their needs according to His commandments and the love of Jesus Christ.


Grow in our relationship with God while encouraging and supporting the continual growth of individuals and our church.


Serve our wider community while actively responding to People's needs at every level: spiritual, emotional, social and physical.

Communicate the message of Jesus while presenting the gospel to talk to Him.


Build the Church community by sustaining each person involved in our church through relationships, resource our church through leadership development.

Values: Biblically Based, Spirit Led, Excellence, Integrity, Community Focused, Family oriented.


The Leadership of the Greater Faith Church of Deliverance is committed to ministering effectively with the opportunities and resources entrusted to us. With this goal in mind, we have sought to clarify our vision, mission, values and future direction. All of this is done, constantly relying on the Spirit of God through prayer to lead our thinking... Jesus said, "I will build my Church..." (Matt 16:18), and as a leadership we have faith in that promise and looking to be faithful on our role as church leaders. We value putting God at the center of all that we do. We put His glory and His honor first, asking in every decision, "Will this bring the greatest glory and praise to our God?

Church History

1234 S Floyd St

"Faith Church of Deliverance" was officially organized & founded on Tuesday, April 19, 1966, by Bishop Leon & Pastor Wilma Carter.

4032 Bardstown Rd

Under the leadership of Pastor Mark Carter the ministry moved from Floyd Street to Bardstown Rd in the city of Buechel in June 2007.

5720 Outer Loop

God has yet blessed the GFCD again

to move to our current location on

Outer Loop in July of 2010.


We believe and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the news, good news: the best and most important news that any human being ever hears. This Gospel de lares the only way to know God in peace, love and joy is through the reconciling death of Jesus Christ Christ the risen and soon coming Lord. This Gospel declares Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the second Person of the Holy Trinity. In God's own time and in God's way, Jesus Christ shall return as a glorious Lord for His church without spot or blemish. (1 Thess. 4:13-18, Matt. 25:31-32, Eph. 5:27)


The GFCD family hopes to see you and your family here soon at this house hold of prayer & faith were we are "Soul Winners!"


There are two things we promise you that you'll know you have received after visiting; a GREATER level of FAITH and DELIVERANCE in your life!


5720 Outer Loop

Louisville, KY 40219

P O Box 19198

Louisville, KY 40259 (shipping address)




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