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Welcome Saints, we have stepped into the season of GREAT-THINGS! The Word of God proclaims in Job 5:9 (NLT) 9 “He does [Great Things] too marvelous to understand. He performs countless miracles.” This is a repeated praise taken from Psalms 145:3 “Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised, and his greatness is unsearchable,” when Eliphaz was advising Job to take his case to God concerning all that Job had went through and lost. He was advising him to trust God in the Process toward his Restoration because Job’s God Performs Great Things beyond our imagination.

As we await, the return of our Lord Savior Jesus Christ. It is critical for us to set ourselves apart before the Lord in prayers, fasting and study of his Word in order to accomplish the will of the Lord in this season.

In my personal time of seeking the Lord the past several weeks, I believe the Lord is preparing us for the performance of Wonders, Miracles, His Spirit and ‘GREAT THINGS.’

Beloved, let us Sanctify ourselves to see the Performance of God on our behalf. We have seen the increase of trouble, conflict, sickness and disease on the land and many other things have come and taken our society by storm. Now is the time we must Prepare for the Performance of God to show his people that He hears the cry of the righteous and He performs ‘GREAT THINGS’ on the behalf of His people.

With that said, the GFCD Family for 21 days will Sanctify ourselves unto The Lord. This year we will Pray, Fast, Consecrate & Worship the Lord.  A British missionary and Baptist Pastor William Carey lived by his motto…“Expect Great Things from God. Attempt Great Things for God.”

Prayer times will be (via Zoom and In-person)

•       6:00 AM each morning on Zoom

•       12 Noon each day on Zoom

•       6:30 PM each night in the GFCD Sanctuary

(Please check email daily for the ‘Revelation Email’  concerning sudden changes an inclement weather!)



IN 2024!"

We are asking for every GFCD member to give at the completion of our consecration a seed offering.

With a special seed offering of $224.00 per person will help us to meet our goal. Our goal is to raise $22,400.00 for a first fruit offering within the First Quarter of the year.


I believe the Lord is pushing us to move forward with the vision to build the Lord a New House for Worship that we may be able to grow, expand the ministry and reach our wider community. My prayer is that each of you share the responsibility to grow, mature and help expand the ministry beyond the four walls of the church building. If 100 people or more can commit to sow this seed offering of $224.00, we can reach our goal.

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