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It's GFCD's privilege to share the Lord’s leading as we welcome you to the season of God performing things in the life of every believer totally out of the ordinary as well as unexpected. The Bible says, “For with God No-Thing is Impossible.”

As we await, the return of our Lord Savior Jesus Christ, it is imperative that we seek the face of the Lord in prayer in order to accomplish the will of the Lord in this season.

In my personal time of seeking the Lord in prayer, it is my privilege to share the Lord’s leading and to encourage God’s people, “No-Thing shall be Impossible,” because with God all things are possible if you only believe!

We will follow as the Holy Spirit leads this local Assembly in 21 days of fervent prayer and consecration. We believe God is building His people and equipping us in this season to have #Strong Faith. Beloved, let us prepare ourselves to see the performance of God in our lives. While in the last few years, many things have come and taken the entire world by surprise. Now I believe God is going to show the entire world how he has a big surprise for all the world to see when he performs the Impossible in the lives of His people.




A monetary gift is asked of every GFCD member to give at the completion of our consecration. We are believing God to bless us because we will release our Faith for God to perform the “Impossible”
in this season.


We am asking each of to sow a financial seed gift of $153.00 or more! Our goal is to raise $15,000.00 for a first fruit offering.


We believe the Lord is leading us towards building a New House for Worship that we may be able to grow and expand the ministry. Our prayer is that each of you share the responsibility to grow, mature and help expand the ministry beyond the four walls of the church building.

We believe with God all things are Possible and sowing a seed represents how much you can believe God for the impossible to be made possible in the same season! The SAME SEASON... that’s Possible to believe God for a turnaround in the SAME SEASON!

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