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"Faith Church of Deliverance" was officially organized and founded on Tuesday, April 19, 1966, by Bishop Leon & Pastor Wilma Carter. The church name came from a bible study lesson on how Jesus delivered the people through faith. That night God placed it upon Bishop's heart to name the church "Faith Church of Deliverance," and their ministry was established through the word of God in the 28th chapter of Deuteronomy.

The first service was held in a small, two room coal shed, which took days to clean out. It was located at the corner of 18th & St. Louis Street. They did not have pews so they sat on old Greyhound bus seats. Back then their offering totals were $5.50 on a good Sunday. But God kept them and blessed them and they would have a high time in the Lord as He would always send His spirit to them even in the coal shed.

As their membership began to grow, the church location changed several times. They moved from St. Louis Street to 7th & York Street. It is here where God blessed them with a pianist, Sheryl Watkins. The church relocated once again to 1234 So. Floyd St. Many services, concerts, revivals, and other events were held in this small shot-gun church. This was the "happening place." It is at this location that the church name was revised to "The Greater Faith Church of Deliverance". Bishop & Mother Carter were able to purchase and pay off this building before time with the help of Sis. Holden and the members. The membership grew to well over 200 members. The ministry was well known for its non-compromising preaching, mass choir and youth choirs.

God blessed Bishop and Mother Carter to be in leadership for over 35 years. During this time they survived many storms, trials and tests. Many came and many went and the church split several times. However, through it all and with every move, the spirit moved with them. In the summer of 1998, their youngest son, Mark Q. Carter Sr. acknowledged his call into the ministry. He was prophetically called at the young age of 12 years old. He preached his first sermon in May of 1999. While serving under his father as a diligent servant, God promoted him in the ministry to assistant Pastor in 2001. Bishop Carter passed the mantle to his son in August of 2003, and he was installed on September 28th of the same year, in the presence of God, family and friends.


Pastor Carter is a multi-faceted individual who not only preaches the gospel; he is a licensed master barber, a state inspector, and an employee of the University of Louisville. He uses both his career and business as an opportunity to witness, counsel, listen and pray with anyone needing help. During his leadership the membership has grown and relocated twice. We also joined Light of the World International Fellowship under the leadership of Apostle Garfield Curlin. The ministry moved from Floyd Street to Bardstown Road in the city of Buechel in June of 2007. God has continued to bless and the ministry is still growing. Our membership is multi cultural and we believe that God had called us to bring every race, culture and creed, together throughout this community. And throughout the world admonishing them, and serving their needs according to his commandments for the love of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Carter loves serving God and witnessing to others about the goodness of the Lord. He has a high anointing on his life and uses his fivefold ministry gifts to bring healing, deliverance, and salvation to the un-churched and the lost. Pastor Mark Carter prides the ministry on achieving excellence, holiness, and righteousness for the Glory God.


God has yet blessed us again to move The Greater Faith Church of Deliverance to a new location and has now adopted the name and called it the "Faith Center" located at 5720 Outer Loop Rd. As we endeavor to build the "Faith Center", we are asking you to partner with us, GFCD, at the "Faith Center" in our stewardship campaign beginning July 1 of 2010. We are believing God for financial miracles for everyone who sows a targeted seed. Your giving is a great part of what makes up your overall stewardship. In addition to giving, we are asking you to join us in committing to the vision of The Greater Faith Church of Deliverance here at the "Faith Center".

Our vision at the "Faith Center" is to build a youth sanctuary and activity center for our youth, build executive administrative offices for our leadership, have our own studio with recording equipment, to have a state of the art day care, and to have a café and bookstore. The Word of God states in 2 Corinthians that "he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully." Be a blessing to the kingdom of God and plant a seed in good ground here at The Greater Faith Church of Deliverance at the Faith Center.


GFCD is moving forward by faith to change the lives in our community. The Lord has made room for GFCD as we are preparing to move to our future site to call home. Take a look and see what the Lord has provided for GFCD!

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